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Just something to get some others thoughts

~ponders~ I am wondering why people who arent members of this community watch this community shrugs..

so a question for you all since this lj does not get much traffic please all endeavour to answer it, of course I understand that it may be impossible for some but then I may think of a few questions..

Scenes.. how do you respond to a really intense scene with your Dominant, submissive or slave...I am on this how do people deal with thing lately so please enlighten me I promise I will answer my own question.

Strength in Dominants.. my Master has an amazing subtle strength Im just wondering if others have noticed this within there own Dominants.

For you what has been the limit youve had or have most trouble leaving behind.. Is there anything that your Dominant cant get past.. I have one or two to do with past expierences.

how to do you get back on track when things go awry in your D/s world how do you center yourself back within for lack of a better word role..

ok Im done Ill look forward to your responses..
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