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supportfords's Journal

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this community has been created for those in D/s BDSM Gor and M/s relationships.. its a community for support... somewhere to seek advice about all the things that plague these relationships..whatever it is....also welcome in this community is articles links and anything informative to the lifestylers...also welcome are any photos you wish to share but No Nudity please ..Poetry Stories and Prose of A BDSM GOR nature is also welcome..This community is also open to online, part online part r/l relationships and 24/7 powerexchange..

what is not acceptable..

is anything classed as child pornography
or anything to do with animals and sexual use
no links to urls of questionable websites

if anyone attempts to place the above mentioned in the community will be removed and you will be reported to the appropriate people..

this is to be a safe place for all

anyone who comments or joins the community to flame its members will be immediately removed and reported

some other LJ communitys of the same nature

if you are looking for more structured and informative communitys there is

submissiveforum or
steelcollar which is Gorean

if looking for a place to learning about serving

and if looking for a place alot like this one

They are all wonderful communities in there own right, each with different agendas and rules, but they are all helpful....

bdsm, gor, masters, mistress, power exchange, safe sane and consensual.., slaves, submissives